Heightened Monitoring Assistance

Rock Solid Foundation has a history of successfully assisting child placing agencies and residential facilities whose operations have been assigned a heightened monitoring status.  We can help agencies to reinstate a status of good standing.


Through executing formal Agency and Program Assessment processes and establishing an Agency Service Plan (which includes Values, Mission, Vision, SWOT, Economic Driver, and desired Performance Outcomes) in our proprietary and comprehensive data management system (CaseBook), we are able to utilize our software to help monitor and improve outcomes that may fall short of agency requirements and goals. 

Our experienced team includes clinical, compliance (regulatory, contract, and accreditation), financial (P&L - Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, AR - Accounts Receivable, AP - Accounts Payable, balance sheets, payroll, pro forma, cost reporting), technical, and business expertise.

Please contact us today if you need heightened monitoring assistance in any of these areas!