Agency Management Software
  for Foster, Adoption and Residential Care Facilities


Foster, Adoption and Residential Agency Management Software

"Treat" your agency as a client

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Personalized, cloud-based management software for foster care agencies, child adoption agencies, residential facilities, human and social service agencies, senior living facilities, etc. Keep track of forms and track case progress all in one place.  Provide families with personalized online applications, forms, checklists and other various services.


Client and Child Management

Easily track client progress

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Use our cloud-based agency management software to organize information, checklists, screening, intake, assessment, child welfare records, planning, monitoring, mental health records and tasks for clients and children. 

Home Management

Making a Difference One Child at a Time

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Utilize our web-based case management software for online checklists and application forms to approve foster and adoption families faster.  Clearly list all requirements and due dates to make the process easier for case managers to track and easier for families to comply.  

Rock Solid Foundation

Shaping the Future of Youth

RSF assists Foster Care, Adoption, Residential Care, and Human Service Agencies with Start-Ups, Turn Arounds, Planning for Succession, Accreditation and more. Our powerful software solution, CaseBook, helps manage your agency while maintaining compliance.